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Environmental Mission Statement

Diadem and the Environment

Diadem Construction recognises that it has a duty to base its operations upon well managed forests and to reduce, wherever possible, the impact of its operations upon the local environment of which they are part.

Diadem makes strenuous efforts to meet and, where possible, exceed H.M Government procurement guidelines.

Diadem accepts that verification, by one of the accredited, independent, certification contractors, is a preferred means of proving that wood goods actually possess the environmental friendly attributes claimed for them.

The company submits itself to independent scrutiny through its efforts to maintain environmental chain of custody certification, within the Trada-Trak scheme, to ensure that an increasing proportion of our timber products can be independently verified as coming from well-managed forests.

Diadem and the Environment

The FSC logo identifies products which contain wood from well managed forests independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
Our suppliers FSC chain of custody number is TT-CoC-1670.

Diadem and the Environment

The term PEFC identifies products that contain wood from legal and sustainable forests under schemes endorsed by the programme of endorsement for forest certification scemes.
Our suppliers PEFC chain of custody number is BMT-PEFC-0057.

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